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Online 1 to 1 consultation for Self Eating Without Screen(Distraction)



Encourage your child to eat solids without screens/ distractions. If you are a mom who is struggling with a kid who doesn’t without a screen or you have to force-feed every meal or he doesn’t want to eat by himself. Then this workshop is for you.

Topics to be covered:

  1. Common mistakes while starting solids
  2. Why kid is refusing his meal?
  3. How force-feeding is badly affecting kids’ appetite?
  4. What is distraction feeding?
  5. How does distracting feeding affect kids’ eating habits?
  6. What is food pocketing & why it happens?
  7. How to handle food pocketing?
  8. How to handle meal rejection?
  9. 10 golden rules to handle distraction during feeding
  10.  How to start self-feeding skills?
  11. How to make a nutrient-dense balanced meal?


  1. self-feeding equipment
  2. Weight gain recipe ebook
  3. Customized diet chart


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