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Online Consultation 1 to 1 for a Baby Who Refuses to Eat

(7 customer reviews)


This is Online consultation 1:1 for a baby who refuses to eat.


This is Online 1 to 1 consultation for a baby who refuses to eat solids

Below are the things that will be discussed during the call:

  • A proper detailed history will be taken to rule out the cause of refusal.
  • What are the reasons for the refusal of solid food intake in kids?
  • What is the reason for the loss of appetite in kids?
  • How to increase appetite naturally?
  • Supplements if required for regaining appetite will be prescribed.
  • How to space meals and milk?
  • How to promote chewing, and reduce gagging, and spitting of food?
  • How to start / transit BLW (Self Feeding)?
  • How to maintain the texture timeline of porridges?
  • Discussion about the proper nutritional requirement of kids as per age.
  • How to build a balanced meal plate for kids.
  • Discussion on what to feed kids when they’re sick (cold, cough/ diarrhea)

Handouts (PDF):

  • Supplements if needed for nutritional deficiency, and appetite recovery.
  • Nutrients necessary for a kid’s growth with a list of sources
  • Nutri-dense meal recipe eBook for weight gain
  • A customized diet chart.

Service to be provided:

This is a 60-minute 1 to 1 virtual video call (through Google meet/WhatsApp/ZOOM/BOTIM) followed by 1-month WhatsApp support for monitoring your baby. You can ask your doubt or query through WhatsApp. The doctor will respond to your query and access the improvement and advice as per need. A short WhatsApp call can be scheduled within 1 month if is it really needed.

Note: Once you book the consultation. You will get the order details in your email id and our Team member will contact you or you can contact us for scheduling the 1 to 1 consultation based on a suitable date and time from both parties.

7 reviews for Online Consultation 1 to 1 for a Baby Who Refuses to Eat

  1. Sowmya SN

    It was a great relief for us to be in contact with Dr. Sanchari for the consultation. We were so stressed by our daughter’s complete refusal to solid food. She not only listened patiently to our plea but also pinned out the reason behind and solved it . Now my kid’s food intake have improved so much. I’m happy with the fact that she has started showing interest in eating real food. Lots of applause to the doctor !

    • Dr. Sanchari Das

      Dr. Sanchari Das

      Thank You, Sowmya for your valuable review!

  2. Isha Yenpreddiwar (verified owner)

    The 1-hour elaborate discussion with the doctor was really insightful. She was patient enough to listen and point out the reason behind my son’s refusal of solid food. 1 month into the session, his eating habits have improved a lot, and meal rejection has even reduced. i would definitely recommend parents a consultation with her.

  3. Cherry Agarwal (verified owner)

    The session was really eye opening. I got a broad idea about self feeding practice and how to make a nutrient dense meal, and inculcate healthy eating habits in my child. Now he eats on his own though still improving in his eating skills.

  4. Pravena Arunkumar (verified owner)

    Hi mam, My son has started eating back well like before.His teething prob has reduced. Thanks for the session

  5. Shrishti Goel (verified owner)

    Hi doctor.Thank you so much for your guidance.I can see a lot of improvement.It was very difficult at initial stage.Now slowly he has started to put food in his mouth.i would definitely recommend parents a consultation with her.

  6. Sruthi Cheekoti (verified owner)

    Hi doc, she is doing good. She is chewing now a bit she doesn’t keep in mouth for longer compared to before.And all your recipe in the chart are hit she is eating them. Thank you for your help.

  7. Pooja Mehta (verified owner)

    I am so thankful to u now my baby started chewing ab wo koi bhi puree form na khata even apple bhi wo chew karta mein usko pieces plate mein deti or wo khud pick karke chew karta hai and your all recepies are super hit and healthy it’s totally worth for me to consult u for my baby diet and everything and i really appreciate u for that that u will always rpl my queries give answers everytime and explain it everything single thing it was my pleasure to meet u mam🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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