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Live BLW Workshop on Starting Solid(BLW Approach, Age: 4 – 24 Months)

(7 customer reviews)



Start Solid for your baby with Confidence.

Solid transition is an important milestone in your baby’s weaning journey. Babies were born to eat by themselves. So, around 6 months of age, babies are generally curious. So, most babies are able to feed soft finger food by themselves, even if they have no teeth. I created this course to provide adequate knowledge to mothers/parents about what, when, and how to start solid food for their kids as early as 6 months. Moreover, it will boost your confidence in providing them nutritious, safe food.

Workshop Details:

  • This is a 3-hour nonstop BLW recorded Workshop followed by a Q & A Session.
  • Immediate addition to the WhatsApp group, which will run for 2 months, where you can ask any query, confusion, or reporting of baby improvement can be done there

What Will You Learn?

  • Important nutrients required at 6 months & after 1 year of age
  • Food list for essential nutrients
  • Signs of readiness for solid weaning in baby
  • How to work on the sitting posture of the baby
  • Safe and unsafe food for babies
  • What is BLW?
  • BLW vs Choking in Babies
  • First aid for choking- live demo
  • List of food that can lead to choking
  • list of BLW gears, equipment
  • How to prepare, cook and serve various food (BLW approach)
  • How to proceed with the texture of food
  • How to identify food allergens
  • How to introduce spices
  •  How do space meal & milk?
  • How to deal with meal rejection
  • How to promote chewing of food
  • How to handle spitting & throwing off food
  • How to handle high chair rejection
  • How to encourage self-eating post 1 year?
  • How to prevent picky eating in kids

Handout (PDF):

  • The link to the recording of the live workshop will be sent for lifetime access
  • Nutritional sources list
  • Weight gain recipe eBook
  • finger food ideas
  • Choking hazard list
  • Baby weight chart as per age
  • links of gear necessary for BLW
  • A diet chart can be provided on request

Note: Once you book the workshop. You will get the order details in your email id and our Team member will contact you or you can contact us for BLW  workshop details. We will send you the Workshop details to your email id. 

7 reviews for Live BLW Workshop on Starting Solid(BLW Approach, Age: 4 – 24 Months)

  1. kanika aggarwal (verified owner)

    Thank you for the session, it was really very informative. I have learnt so much more than what basic things which everyone is aware of. Even the provided Ebook and 24X7 hours whatsap group is awesome and really helpful.

  2. suupriya jadhav (verified owner)

    Such an insightful session from an abid professional who has sufficient knowledge and grip on each and every topics, query related to Child nutrition and BLW. It is a great learning experience and helpful for new moms who have no idea where and how to start self feeding. The whatsap group is too equally helpful as she is really available to clear out doubts and guide for 2 months straight !

  3. Saloni (verified owner)

    Thank you for such a lovely interactive session. I was happy not only to learn from you but also clear my queries and confusions with you. Hope it will be helpful for us.

  4. utkarsha dalvi (verified owner)

    The session was awesome. I have applied and proceeded the solid weaning as per guidance and i can see how happily my 7 months old enjoys his food . Thanks for the guidance.

  5. Jayati Chadha (verified owner)

    Lovely session by Dr. Sanchari. She is so confident with her skills. She sorted out lots of query and confusion in easy possible ways. I got an idea where I was going wrong. My kid happily enjoys the meal now. I’m so grateful to her.

  6. Minal Dhonge (verified owner)

    The live session was so enlightening. Dr. Sanchari not only covered how to start solid weaning but also discussed about the problem which moms face when they want to start self feeding little late. Her indepth knowledge and explanation was very simplified and logical. The whatsap support group was equally valuable, where she continued guiding us. 🙂

  7. bhakthi.v (verified owner)

    Hi Madam, The session was really helpful. I want to thank you so much. My baby has started sitting n eating food slowly.
    Though he has just started self feeding himself…
    But i am happy that he at least sits n eats . Thank you for your guidance.

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