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50 Finger Food(snack) Recipes to Promote Self Feeding

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50 Finger food recipes

  • This recipe is very helpful for 7 months to 5 years of the baby.
  • This recipe can be treated as a snack for babies. It will also inculcate the self-feeding habit in babies too.
  • I have listed 50 varieties of finger food and it’s included
    • Fruits/ vegetables ( safe in raw forms)
    • Steamed vegetables/fruits
    • Cooked vegetable/ fruit
    • Nutrient-dense vegetable/ fish/chicken/egg recipes (these are prepared in such a way that it will help in healthy gain of body weight of kids )
    • Vegetarian recipe- 43
    • Egg recipe-4
    • Fish recipe- 1
    • Chicken recipe-2

2 reviews for 50 Finger Food(snack) Recipes to Promote Self Feeding

  1. Neetu sahji

    Wow that’s an awesome collection.. thank you so much

  2. Vijay Kadakkal

    Wow! It is an amazing collection of finger food. The E-book has lots of variety and the recipes are easy to make and nutritious. Thank you so much for the E-Book.

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