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Online 1 to 1 consultation for Starting Solid Start & Child Nutrition



Consultation Details:

This a one-time online consultation for 60 minutes 1:1 session followed by a month of WhatsApp support.

Topics to be covered:

  1. Common mistakes while starting solids.
  2. What is self-feeding/ BLW?
  3. What are the advantages of self-feeding?
  4. How to start self-feeding skills?
  5. Tips & tricks to promote picking up food from the plate.
  6. Tips to transition from traditional to self-feeding
  7.  Golden rules to handle distraction while  feeding
  8.  How to promote the touching of messy food?
  9. How to minimize tactile sensory issues while touching food
  10. Sensory activities to involve them apart from mealtime.
  11. Nutritional requirement of kids as per age
  12. Food/ nutrient group for proper weight gain & immunity
  13. How to make a nutrient-dense balanced meal


  1. Customized Meal plan (1 month as per kid’s dietary requirement)
  2. Recipe eBook that promotes self-eating.
  3. WhatsApp support (1 month)

How does WhatsApp support work?

Post the session, the parent will start training the kid & can update the doctor on a daily basis on WhatsApp from 7 am to 10 pm on how it is going by message or voice call. The doctor will revert back and will advise as per the query. A  quick call can be taken every 10 days to guide better.

Note: Once you book the consultation, you will get the order details in your email id and our Team member will contact you or you can contact us for the slot date & timing discussion. We will send you google meet details for joining the session to your email id. 


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