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About Dr. Sanchari Das

Dr. Sanchari Das is a health educator and general physician. She has 11 years plus of experience in the health domain.

She started her career as a general duty medical officer under the Health Department of India for a period of 3 years. Later she pursued her master’s in Infectious medicine. She has worked as a tutor for a period of 3 years in teaching medical & dental students in Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Sawangi (Wardha).  She holds a diploma degree in Nutrition and dietic.

At present, she is working as a general physician, health educator, child nutritionist, and baby-led weaning expert. She has experience in handling about 1500+ cases of ‘Start Solid with Baby-led weaning’, picky eating reversal, chronic solid refusal, and low/slow weight gain of babies.

She held monthly masterclasses on “Child nutrition+ Baby led weaning’ for training moms/ caregivers about broad knowledge about what, and how to start solid weaning and even guide for self-feeding training. 

She also does virtual consultations for chronic solid refusal & reversal of picky/behavioral eating habits.

She has more than 20 research papers (national and international) published.