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Master class on Child Nutrition and Baby led Weaning (BLW)

By Dr. Sanchari Das Categories: Child
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About Course

Start Solid for your baby with Confidence with proper nutrition.

Child nutrition is not so easy topic and parents’ ignorance and inadequate knowledge about the nutritional requirements post 6 months of age can lead to serious deficiencies which may further lead to poor weight gain  & suppressed immunity.  I created this course to provide adequate knowledge to mothers/parents about the nutritional requirement of the growing child as well as how to develop the habit of self solid weaning in babies as early as 6 months of age. Babies were born to eat by themselves. So, around 6 months of age, babies are generally curious. So, most babies are able to feed soft finger foods by themselves, even if they have no teeth. This course will boost your confidence as well as guide you, on how to safely introduce solid food to your babies in the right way.


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What Will You Learn?

  • Nutritional requirement of babies post 6 months for Proper growth
  • Nutritional requirements of babies post 1 year and proportion size of food
  • How to prepare baby For the solid transition from 4th month
  • Signs of the baby being solid ready
  • What are the safe first foods for solid weaning
  • What to avoid below 1 year
  • What is BLW?
  • BLW essential equipment
  • Gagging Vs choking
  • How to handle gagging
  • How to handle choking
  • Common choking hazards
  • List of common allergens
  • When & how to safely introduce allergens
  • How to prepare solid food for traditional weaning
  • How to prepare food for BLW ( various cuts & methods of cooking)
  • How to add texture to baby food
  • How to safely introduce spices
  • How To space meals & milk
  • How many meals to offer
  • Major causes of baby losing appetite
  • Food to naturally boost baby’s appetite
  • Measures & supplements to boost the baby’s appetite
  • How To make nutrients dense meals for weight gain

Course Content


  • Welcome To The Course & What You Will Learn

Nutritional requirement of babies at 6 months of age

Nutrients & their proportion size necessary after 1 year of age

How to prepare baby for the solid transition from 4th month

Signs of Baby Being solid ready

First safe foods for solid weaning

Baby led Weaning

Gagging and choking

Common allergens

Preparation of solid food for weaning(Traditional and BLW)

Introduction of spices in baby food

Space out meals & milk for baby

Baby appetite

How To make nutrients dense meals for weight gain

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Student Ratings & Reviews

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4 Ratings
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1 year ago
It was a very informative workshop, really helped me in learning the basics of BLW
2 years ago
A must course for parents who want to inculcate BLW in their kids. I Was completely new to this concept. And the clarity which I got from the course is amazing. Dr Sanchari Das has created the modules meticulously. All the aspects of BLW have been covered in the modules, which are easily explained. Most of the times , I used to discourage BLW because I was worried of choking in baby. But now that I know, how to handle it , how to cut foods, how to offer dishes..I go ahead and let my baby self-feed. Really thankful to you Mam. Also, the nutrition aspect has been covered so well.. you get to know which foods are important at what age. Alongwith the course, thanku for continuous support Mam and giving products suggestions as well. Thank you. It's worth it!
2 years ago
This is the best nutrition and BLW course i have ever attended. Dr Das is very clear about all the facts. The workshop is well designed and easy to understand. It is divided into modules which you can revisit again and again and saves time as you don't have to go through single large video. It stays with you for lifetime so easy access for doubts. It is very exhaustive and comprehensive. Plus Dr Das clears all the doubts in her support group later . I have asked her so so many questions which she always gave elaborate and clear answers to. I am really grateful to her and it's great that i came across this workshop
2 years ago
Thank you so much Dr. Sanchari Das for the information that u have given..I have learnt many new things from your workshop . The main thing I have learnt is what is the central idea of BLW. The idea of giving food nd how to give food , the way of cutting it and many other things. The main thing is you are 24x7 available for solving queries of your clients. I would definitely recommend others to take sessions from you.