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Online consultation 1 to 1 for picky eaters

(7 customer reviews)



Online 1 to 1 consultation for picky eaters

Below are the things that will be discussed during the call:

  • Early & prolonged signs of picky eating
  • Rule out the cause of picky eating
  • Measures to treat tactile sensory issues
  • Oral sensory treatment and oral muscle exercise
  • How to promote chewing habits & swallowing
  • How to treat food pocketing
  • How to manage food spitting
  • How to reverse puree eating to normal eating
  • BLW food cut, cook preparation, serving procedure
  • Ways to boost kid’s appetite
  • Importance of right communication at mealtime
  • The proper guidance on nutritional requirements for kids
  • Food to relieve constipation and healthy bowel movement

Handouts (PDF):

  • nutrients necessary for a kid’s growth with a list of sources
  • growth charts and food chocking hazard list
  • 10 Nutri- dense meal recipes for weight gain

Service to be provided:

This is a 60-minute 1 to 1 virtual video call (through Google meet/WhatsApp/ZOOM/BOTIM) followed by 1-month WhatsApp support for monitoring your baby. You can ask your doubt or query through WhatsApp. The doctor will respond to your query and access the improvement and advice as per need. A short WhatsApp call can be scheduled within 1 month if is it really needed.

Note: Once you book the consultation. You will get the order details in your email id and our Team member will contact you or you can contact us for scheduling the 1 to 1 consultation based on a suitable date and time from both parties.

7 reviews for Online consultation 1 to 1 for picky eaters

  1. Indira Patali

    i am a mother of 2 years old who was struggling from baby boy on pureed and blended food for the longest. Ever i offered him food like chapati, paratha he would either spit it out/ cry whenever i tried to feed him. He became overweight with time due to force feeding by me but developed irregular bowel habits and lazy. I got frustrated until i got in contact with Dr. Das who not only listened and explained me where i was going wrong but also treated the oral sensory issues my kid was suffering from. She elaborately discussed and provided the nutritional requirement as well as customised a diet chart which helped me out. 2 months following the consultation, my kid is showing improvements and his eating and bowel movements have also regularized. i definitely would recommend a consultation with Dr. Das to any parent.

    • Dr. Sanchari Das

      Dr. Sanchari Das

      Thank You, Indira for your valuable review!

  2. Chakshu Singh (verified owner)

    The consultation was really helpful. I got an insight into what was going wrong with my child. I improved my weaning practice, and also followed all the steps as advised by the doctor. I am happy to inform you that the food pocketing issue has improved a lot and he has finally started enjoying the food. I recommend to all parents consult her if suffering from a chronic picky eating problem.

  3. Vijeta Gupta (verified owner)

    My kid’s texture issue improved much better after consulting her. She continuously guided 1-month step by step. i definitely would recommend a consultation with Doctor.

  4. Apoorva taksali (verified owner)

    The consultation was helpful for me. The Doctor had helped me to find out what was wrong with my child and pointed out the problem which I was following. I followed all the steps as advised by the doctor. I am happy that my baby has finally started enjoying the different food. I recommend to all parents consult her if your baby is suffering from a picky eating problem.

  5. Shahla Muthalib (verified owner)

    Hi doc, she is doing good.She is chewing now a bit she doesn’t keep in mouth for longer compared to before. And all your recipe in the chart are hit she is eating them. Thank you so much for your help.i definitely would recommend you for consultation with Dr. Sanchari Das

  6. Sampa Roy (verified owner)

    Thank you Dr. Sanchari for the guidance. I have seen lots of improvement within a week. I worked on the strategies, exercises as you adviced and could see improvement in my child within a week. He has stopped food pocketing and now chews the food nicely. Even i have moderated the earlier schedule and can see his interest and intake in food has develped. It was so nice to come in contact with you and get a guidance.

  7. Farzana Shaikh (verified owner)

    Hell mam. My daughter has been showing some improvements in her eating habit. She is eating solid now, try to chew food and eat by herself. Though the quantity of food is less but I’m happy that she comes back and ask for food when hungry. I’ll keep updating you. Thank you for the proper timely guidance and fruitful session.

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