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Baby Lead Weaning 1 to 1 Personalized Training (Age: 4 – 24 Months)

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This is Baby Lead Weaning 1 to 1 Personalized Training through a virtual call and WhatsApp support

Session highlights:

Day 1: 60 min through discussion
Day 2: 60 min rest discussion
1st Week: Training as per advice by a moderator
Next two Months: Whatsapp support 24X7 hours as per query or confusion

Start Solid for your baby with Confidence.

Solid transition is an important milestone in your baby’s weaning journey. Babies were born to eat by themselves. So, around 6 months of age, babies are generally curious. So, most babies are able to feed soft finger food by themselves, even if they have no teeth. I created this course to provide adequate knowledge to mothers/parents about what, when, and how to start solid food for their kids as early as 6 months. Moreover, it will boost your confidence in providing nutritious safe food to them.

Below are the things that will be discussed during the call:

  • What Will You Learn?
  • How to get started
  • Signs of readiness for solid weaning in baby
  • How to work on the sitting posture of the baby
  • Safe and unsafe food for babies
  • What is BLW?
  • Things you need to know before starting BLW
  • BLW vs Choking in Babies
  • First aid for choking- live demo
  • List of food that can lead to choking
  • How to prepare, cook and serve various food (BLW approach)
  • How to proceed with the texture of food
  • How to identify food allergens
  • How to introduce spices
  • Nutritional requirement of babies with sources list
  • How to prevent picky eating in kids
  • How to train for chewing food
  • How to train to pick up the food
  • How to handle the meal rejection

Handout (PDF):

  • The link to the recording of the live workshop will be sent for lifetime access
  • Nutritional sources list
  • List of food allergens
  • Spacing of milk and meal chart
  • Recipes to start with solid weaning
  • Choking hazard list
  • Baby weight chart as per age
  • Customize diet chart

Service to be provided:

This is a Baby Lead Weaning 1 to 1 Personalized Training where you will have a video call with Dr. Sanchari for two days 60-minute each day (through Google meet/WhatsApp/ZOOM/BOTIM) followed by 2 months of WhatsApp support for monitoring your baby. There will be constant direct support from Dr. Sanchari through Whatsapp messages. You can ask your doubt or query through WhatsApp. The doctor will respond to your query and access the improvement and advice as per need. A short WhatsApp call can be scheduled within 2 months if is it really needed.

Note: Once you book the consultation. You will get the order details in your email id and our Team member will contact you or you can contact us for scheduling the 1 to 1 consultation based on a suitable date and time from both parties.

1 review for Baby Lead Weaning 1 to 1 Personalized Training (Age: 4 – 24 Months)

  1. Dhruvi Gada (verified owner)

    The personal session was an amazing learning experience for me as a new mom who hardly had any idea about what and how to feed my baby. Dr. Sanchari was a thorough professional who was patient & knowledgeable enough to clear my all queries. Even the 2 months’ WhatsApp support and customized diet chart were a valuable resource for the smooth weaning journey. Thanks to her for such a warm service.

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