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Expand your knowledge and skills by enrolling in a course that best suits your interests. With flexible scheduling, self-paced learning, online and in-person options. Discover the best course to enhance your knowledge to words Baby Lead Weaning journey with child nutrition knowledge or simply pursue your personal interests.

Frequently Asked Questions?

In my online courses you will get details information of the topic with research and I have give all the information from Doctor, Educator and Nutritionist point of view. 

This online course includes a complete pre recorded  videos for each course + 24×7 WhatsApp support with Dr. Sanchari Das + live Q and A with Dr. Sanchari Das after completing the course + pdf downloads of handouts like weight gain recipes, food for sick days, diet chart etc.

Yes, If you strictly follow my course then you will be knowledgeable and gain confidence, more over you will be in touch with me over WhatsApp 24×7 so that you can ask me any question during the courses. 

Yes, this will really work because you will get all the information in recorded session and you can learn anytime base on your availability. You will be in touch with me 24×7 during the course so that if you have any doubt you can ask the question. I am confident on this because many of my student did the same and all are satisfied with my courses.   

You can find the details here link

You need to purchase the course and if you are purchasing 1st time then you need to sign up to my website. 

This course will be online all the time so, you can watch this course from your mobile device, Laptop, Desktop or iPod. Your device has to connect to the internet all the time. There are no offline mode available for these courses.

It’s all dependent upon you. I have given all the valuable information with respect to course or topics. 

We are leaving in a fast moving space and we are too busy with our work and responsibility, so we need some medium so that we can learn all the valuable information based on our time and online will fill up this gap.

I am a Doctor, Educator and Nutritionist. I have created this course from three point of view and I gave details research, analysis and information to each course. I kept minimum cost in each course so that people can avail the course.

I am a health educator and general physician. I have 10 years plus of experience in the health domain. I worked as a tutor for a period of 3 years in teaching at Medical College.  I also holds a diploma degree in Nutrition and dietic.